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Where is my sewer and water tap located? 

Sewer lines are located in the alley. Most taps are recorded in the Districts files and can be located using manhole covers for yardage. The main line is the responsibility of the District. The tap and the sewer line from the customers home to the sewer main are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Water lines are located in the easement on either side of the road. Most taps are located in the front of the home and can be found by locating the meter pit lid. The main line and the line from the main line to the water meter is the responsiblity of the District. The water line from the meter to the customers home is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Does the District sell bulk water? 

The District does not at this time sell bulk water.


How deep are our wells? 

Well #1 at the office is a shallow well at 128 feet.

Well #2 at the office is 560 feet.

Well #3 at Aspen St. is 565 feet.

Well #4 at Monroe St. is 622 feet.

Well #5 & Well #6 are south of town they are shallow wells at about 60 feet.

Is anything added to the water? 

The Colorado Division of Public Health and Enviorment requires that all water facilities treat their well water with an anti bacteria solution. Because of this we are required to treat our well water with Sodium Hypo (chlorine). The operators check these levels twice a day to make sure that they are at the required level and also to keep the level as low as possible. If you do detect this when using water it can be removed by letting water sit out in an unsealed container and the residuals of chlorine will evaporate.


Is the water tested regularly? 

The District is required to test for Bacti twice monthly. Other test that are taken throughout the year are Nitrates & Nitrites, Inorganic Chemicals, Lead & Copper, Radionuclide, Synthetic Organic Chemicals, Volatile Organic Chemicals, Total Haolacetic Acids and Trihalomethanes. The Customer Confidence Report is listed on our web site and is updated every July. This report shows the results of testing and any violations that may have accured.


Is there a City Hall that could answer several questions concerning Strasburg? 

No there is not a City Hall in Strasburg, as the town is unincorporated. Strasburg Sanitation and Water is a Special District owned by its customers and run by an elected Board. The town also has Special Districts for Fire and Rescue, Parks and Recreation and the School District. with each being governed by elected Boards and must be contacted seperately. Districts are subject to rules by the Colorado Division of Local Governments.